The grapes with which we make wines at Bodega Classica are picked from old vineyards, some of them over a century old, located in different areas of ‘Rioja’, although most of them are between 50 and 80 years old.

The vines are mostly planted in poor lands of the Sonsierra Riojana but also in the surrounding areas. The vineyards are gobelet-trained, which is a tradition in Riojan viticulture and a more natural system that favours photosynthesis and requires a manual harvest.

Harvesting manually is the most traditional picking method, and it is carried out cluster by cluster. Bodega Classica determines the moment of optimum maturation by means of analyses, and when the optimum moment has been reached, it orders its harvest. After the work in the vineyard has been finished, the grapes are taken to the bodega in small trailers.