MILCH - Chardonnay Kalkstein 2014


Chardonnay Kalkstein



Country:                        Germany

Appellation:                  Rheinessen

Grape(s):                      Chardonnay

Vintage:                         2014



NOER Weinhandel

in Berlin



Soft & Powerfull!

  • Color:                White
  • Nose:                Ripe pear
  • In mouth        Certain freshness and fruitiness combined with subtle wood and toasty aromas.



  • Temperature:     6-8°
  • Ageing:                2-3 years
  • Wine pairing:      Strong fish dishes, Chanterelles


Our winery is located in a former flour mill - the mill elm - the mill wheel was driven by the Pfrimm, a small stream. Their history can be traced back to the year 1413th The name comes from the mill elm elms (= elms) that once stood here along the Pfrimm.
Our family bought the farm in 1926 in order to enhance their own dairy here can, but still operating viticulture, farming, fruit growing and livestock - a typical for that time Mixed operation. In addition, the first public swimming pool Rheinhessen and a ballroom for up to 600 people was built, and thus founded the Park Restaurant milk.
In WW2 burned all farm buildings, down to its foundations and had to be rebuilt makeshift.
Viticulture in the family can be traced back 1709th Already after 1945 wines have been bottled and sold in bottles. Further, around 1950 guest rooms and a restaurant set up in the house. Around 1980, evolved from the mixed farm with viticulture, agriculture and fruit production today winery.
Restoration and the rooms we operate at the time no longer, but there is the possibility to conduct tastings.
Under the personal use of the whole family, we now manage 13.30 hectares of vineyards and thus have the opportunity in all aspects of wine production - to be able to offer everything from one source - from the planting, cultivation of the vines to marketing of bottled wines to the wine connoisseur.


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