Australian Wine

Australia has enjoyed many years of producing world famous wines, with the highest level of wine consumption of any English speaking nation. In more recent years, its wine industry has become known as one of the best in the world.


Australia benefits from winemakers experimenting with new technologies and unconventional methods of producing wine, although the general methods generally go back to the conventional old world styles of production. Many people feel that the wine makers of Australia contain a mixture of creative enthusiasm and sound technical knowledge, helping to make some of the most individual and flavourful wines of the world.

Wine from New South Wales
New South Wales is one of the most successful grape growing regions in Australia. The Hunter Valley in this area grows about sixty different varieties of grapes. Unfortunately, this region is very hot and many grapes rot before they are harvested. The wines of this valley are also said to have a distinct taste that some individuals refer to as the "sweaty saddle." Despite this strange description, the wines of the Hunter Valley are high quality and sought after throughout the world, especially the more boutique style Semillon and Shiraz productions.

Viktorian Wine
During the 19th century, Victoria was the largest producer of wine in Australia. The Phylloxera outbreak devastated the vineyards of Victoria, which did not really begin to recover until fifteen years ago. Victoria has a very modern collection of grapes that are mixed with Bordeaux varieties, producing wines that are fragrant, full fruited and minty. This wine industry is again growing and promises to be very important to the wine world in the next few years.

South Australian Wine
About 60% of Australia's wine is produced in South Australia. The red soil in the Coonawara region has minerals that produces wines that are very rich in flavour and texture. A large number of Australia's most famous table wines come from this area and its wines are known throughout the world. There are a number of boutique wineries in this area producing world class products.

West Australian Wine
Western Australia seems countries away from the other wine producing areas in Australia. Because of the cool climate location and the cold maritime influences from the Southern Ocean, Western Australia manages to produce 29% of Australia's premium wines. The majority of these Western Australian wineries are located in micro climate-areas perfectly situated for producing premium boutique wines.

Tasmanian Wine
Recently Tasmania has begun to develop vineyards. Although these vineyards are very new, they are already producing quality wines.